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Introduction: Transportation is an essential part in economics, business and social life due to its relationship with all the social- economical sectors.
To establish and develop an effective and dynamic transportation network , some infrastructures are needed baseh on which other development plans can be followed.
The consulting Engineering companies can offer to the employers the best selection based upon the updated knowledge. This is aimed at both executing an immaculate and high quality plan and reducing the cost and time of the projects execution.
These issues are the priorities for Rahyab Behineh. Our company is also making an effort to execute the novel approaches of engineering in its projects.
Rahyab Behineh was established in 1374 with cooperation of some specialized in different fields such as. Transportation , Traffic Mechanic and electricity. Rahyab Behineh has been a constant member of Engineering society so far.
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Rahyab Behineh Consulting Eng.
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