Who we are

  • Rahyab Behineh company was established in Iran as the first Iranian private railway engineering company in 1994, by university professors and remarkable civil engineers.
  • have been a major part of the engineering community since day 1 and we have taken part in domestic and international projects.
  • Rahyab Behineh’s long experience in outstanding projects in this business, relies on a highly skilled multidisciplinary team to provide innovative and cost effective solutions.

What we do

Technical Consulting

Economic and technical feasibility studies, super structure design and studies, value engineering, signaling and communication and electrification studies, urban railway studies, internal/secondary railway lines design and study and etc.

management Consulting

Business process reengineering, business process management, strategic planning, change management assistance, holding training courses and seminars, business planning, human resource strategic planning, performance analysis system, system analysis, project and plan management and etc.

Investment Consulting

Investment strategy, investment performance management, capital market assumptions, Research and information on markets and managers, Portfolio structure, board consulting services, efficient implementation of investment strategy, Investment


Former boards


Farshid Forouzbakhsh

Jamshid Shanbezadeh

Ali Hoseinpour

Majid Yusefzadeh


Farshid Forouzbakhsh

Reza Assari

Ali Hoseinpour

S.Mojtaba Naserian